Rámcový program


Partner-Search form from the “Science Shop Vienna”-Austria

Here is an offer for a partner-search and PS form from the “Science Shop Vienna that relates to the following topics of the SwafS Call:

– SwafS-10-2017: Putting Open Science into action

– SwafS-11-2017: Science education outside the classroom

– SwafS-13-2017: Integrating Society in Science and Innovation – An approach to co-creation
– SwafS-14-2017: A Linked-up Global World of RRI

– SwafS-21-2017: Promoting integrity in the use of research results in evidence based policy: a focus on non-medical research
– SwafS-22-2017: The ethical dimensions of IT technologies: a European perspective focusing on security and human rights aspects
– SwafS-23-2017: Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in support of sustainability and governance, taking account of the international context
– SwafS-27-2017: Implementing a European Train-the-trainers initiative with regard to Ethics and Research Integrity


As you will see the organisation is quite experienced in the programme.

Please contact directly the Science Shop Vienna, regarding any further questions to the offer.


Contact details:

Dr. Michael Strähle and Ms Christine Urban

Wissenschaftsladen Wien – Science Shop Vienna

@: wilawien@wilawien.ac.at

Tel.: +43-1-401211928