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Hľadajú sa partneri do vedecko-výskumných projektov

V spolupráci so sieťou Enterprise Europe Network, ktorej sme členom, vám prinášame prehľad možností zapojenia sa do pripravovaných konzorcií v rámci programov EÚ za mesiac január 2022. Aby ste na ponuky mohli reagovať, musíte byť zaregistrovaný na stránke siete www.een.sk. Ako váš kontakt pri registrácii uveďte CVTI SR.

Možnosti v rámci programu Horizont Európa:


HORIZON-CL6-2022-FARM2FORK-02-04-two-stage: Smart solutions for the use of digital technologies for small and medium-sized farms and farm structures: Seeking EU partners specialized in fruit farming /viticulture/agricultural economics

An Italian consulting and planning company operating in the agri-food sector is implementing, in accordance with current European digital transformation strategies, the use of digital technologies for the detection and processing of spatial data and images in agriculture. They seek European partners, e.g. research institutes, specialized in fruit farming, viticulture and /or agricultural economics for the constitution of the consortium for the Horizon Europe call (first deadline 23 Feb 2022)


HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-19: Consortium is looking for partners for Horizon Europe Call: Advanced materials modelling and characterisation

A consortium of German, Greek, and Austrian universities, together with partners from EU countries, look for partners from universities or enterprises with excellent expertise in materials development, (re-)manufacturing or big data for the HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-19-Call. The aim is to digitalize material development and characterization by simulation and machine learning to create cost-efficient sustainable, and circular applications. A research cooperation agreement is foreseen.


Italian biotech company specialized in production of innovative recombinant lytic enzymes is looking to join a consortium for Horizon Europe call

Italian biotech SME committed to R&D, production and marketing of high quality lytic enzymes for cell therapy and regenerative medicine, currently offers services in particular screening and characterization of enzymes, engineering and development of novel recombinant proteins, in vitro and in vivo animal models for testing advanced therapies and medical devices. The company is looking to join a Horizon Europe research consortium under a research cooperation agreement.


Eurostars 240322 – Icelandic SME is looking for a partner to further research orthosilicic acid in geothermal silica in order to research the bioavailability and the ratio of orthosilicic acid

An Icelandic SME, a pioneer in the extraction of natural silica minerals from geothermal water used to produce certified natural health products (food supplements) is looking for partners for a Eurostars grant application. The research focuses on orthosilicic acid in geothermal silica in order to research the bioavailability and the ratio of orthosilicic acid (OSA) The partnership sought is a research cooperation agreement to participate in Eurostars.

V prípade otázok kontaktujte: Miroslava Tužinská, miroslava.tuzinska@cvtisr.sk; Matej Smrek, matej.smrek@cvtisr.sk

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